Shadertoy to GameMaker:Studio GLSL ES

A web app that converts GLSL code to GameMaker Studio GLSL code

Shadertoy Code Gamemaker Shader Code Object Create-Event Code 1. Paste Shadertoy shader code in designated textbox.
2. Click Convert.
3. Create object in GameMaker with a sprite attached to it.
4. Paste output codes to GameMaker respectively.
•More complex code will require you to make
additional edits manually.
•Draw object code outputs 512 by 512, but change
it to your desired sprite size.
•Abide by the terms of use for shadertoy shaders
especially in the case of commercial use.
•ShaderToy now uses WebGL 2.0 while GM uses the
equivalent of WebGL 1.0 so there are several features
that won't work. Here is a list of changes.

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